Covid info

As a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic the Federal Government has made phone and /or video consultations rebateable for those recognised as patients of the practice, that is those who have consulted the practice in the preceding 12 months.

All such patients may request a “telehealth”  consultation. If  this proceeds and it is apparent that the problem will not be able to managed over the phone, a face to face consultation is made possible.

If you have a recent onset sore throat, cough , and/or fever the doctor will discuss how best to manage you ,preferably without attending the practice in person.

Regarding Pfizer vaccinations, our practice has been selected to receive a supply of 150 doses a week from July 21st. We will be holding 2 clinics a week. It will not be possible to book in for this vaccination  if you are not eligible as per Federal government guidelines at the time. The only groups who are eligible at this time are those aged 40-59 who have not received any vaccination as yet,  those who have had a 1st Pfizer vaccination elsewhere and are needing the 2nd booster at 3 weeks, and residential care workers at any age. Those who have already received an Astra Zeneca first dose will only be able to receive a 2nd dose of Astra Zeneca. It is envisaged that those over 60 who have not yet been vaccinated will not be able to receive the Pfizer vaccination until all adults under the age of 60 have been vaccinated. This will likely be towards the end of the year. The Astra Zeneca vaccination is very effective and its safety in older Australians has been demonstrated to all but a very small number who have suffered the so-called TTS adverse effect. The TTS adverse effect is nearly twice as common in those under the age of 60.  In light of the 2nd wave that has emerged across the country, we urge all eligible Australians to get themselves protected this way.