Covid info

As a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic the Federal Government has made phone and /or video consultations rebateable for those recognised as patients of the practice, that is those who have consulted the practice in the preceding 12 months.

All such patients may request a “telehealth”  consultation. If  this proceeds and it is apparent that the problem will not be able to managed over the phone, a face to face consultation is made possible.

If you have a recent onset sore throat, cough ,runny nose and/or fever the doctor will discuss how best to manage you ,preferably without attending the practice in person.

Since 1/2/22 Pfizer or Moderna booster shots have been available for all those who had their SECOND vaccination more than 3 months ago.

We are offering a 2nd booster for all adults who had their 1st booster as a minimum 4 months previously

If you have had covid itself. the recommendation is to wait 3 months for the 2nd booster.

Novavax has been available since 17 February as a primary vaccination ,that is for doses 1 and 2. As of 13/6/22 ,it is approved as a booster dose.